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Bad luck or Karma?

2013-12-20 23:14:54 by moonwalk

I don´t know, but ever since I built my Bf 109F from Revell, all of the 109s I´ve built have been sent to their boxes in their final stages. The same goes to the G-14, which had the tail band in a bad place, tried to reposition it but I broke it. Now it´s in it´s box. Also I tried to do some ground attack with my Fw 190D, which then proceded to flip from my hand and in my attempt to grab it, it was from the landing gear, and it ended on the floor, with the fuel tank lose, the left landing gear broken. Why am I modelling? And what is worse, I have to go to the school again in February to take a Math exam that I didn´t pass.  


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2013-12-27 20:08:38

Well next Christmas you can stick all of your broken BF-109s into your tree!

moonwalk responds:

And an Me 262, and an F4F Wildcat, a bookshelf fell over them while I was away.


2013-12-27 15:28:55

Lucky landing?

moonwalk responds:

You put it over there.